Craftstone Capital Appreciation Strategy


Craftstone Capital Appreciation strategy is a proprietary algorithmic trading system, investing into long-term trends in the US and western European stocks on both the long and short side.

Through extensive testing and investment experience over various phases of a business cycle, we came to a conclusion that the most profit – maximizing stocks have both fundamental investors and technical momentum traders as stock trading participants. Capital appreciation strategy is created by exploiting the very fundamental principle of market behavior: long – term sustainable trends in asset price movements.
We aim to protect our client’s capital from significant losses and patiently wait for the opportunities to generate superior risk-adjusted returns.
On average, we aim to invest up to 0,5% of the 3 – month average daily trading volume of each stock.
- We cut the losing positions early and thereby do not allow large losses to accumulate. In particular, we aim to not allow the losses on the invested portfolio exceed 3% of portfolio’s value. This applies for long and short positions.
We run a well-diversified portfolio.
-On average, our portfolio consists of 30 stocks so that an adverse move in any individual stock will not have a large impact on the portfolio as a whole.
The strategy aims to use no leverage
We’re open for new trends and put our whole soul into every project. Every client is special , and every project is unique.
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